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Leyton Sixth Form College
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Central Foundation Girls
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 Street Kat is the first known specialist company in the United Kingdom to provide schools, colleges and universities with extensive training in two vital areas when learning to drive; the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test. We are not a driving school; we are strictly a Theory Test training company. Our courses are funded by the schools, colleges and universities who book us.


Below is a summary of our years of service at selected colleges:

Leyton Sixth Form College since 2007

Central Foundation Girls since 2014


Monoux College 2006-2015 (9 Years)

Waltham Forest College 2008-2015 (7 Years)

NewVic College 2009-2013 (4 Years)

Redbridge College since 2010-2014 (4 Years)

Lembeth College (2014 – One off)


If you have done a 1 day or 2 day course at your school/college and would like to do further training directly with us. You may do this via the table below, please note this will be at our base. Once selected and so on, we will email you.

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